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fully automatic cement block making machine

fully automatic block machine 6-15
Main product advantage
QTF6-15 is a full-automatic large block brick machine for sale, which has the following advantages:
1. Hydraulic automatic molding: the molding time is short and only needs 10-15s, which greatly improves the production efficiency and ensures the quality of bricks with hydraulic technology.
2. Versatility: a single machine can produce a variety of hollow bricks, solid bricks, paving bricks and kerb. The real implementation of a multi-purpose, greatly saving investment costs.
3. Full-automatic one-line production: real full-automatic production can be realized, which greatly saves labor costs, and the control system of electromechanical integration is simple to operate.
4. Ultra-high configuration: Siemens motors, schneider electronic control components, mitsubishi hydraulic control system, etc.
5. Customizable molds: we can design different molds for you according to your special needs.
Main technical parameter

Dimension of host machine



Adapt to your local voltage(adjustable)

Host machine power


Vibration force


Vibration Frequency


Shaping cycle


Water consumption


workshop area


Production capacity

111520-13440 prices/8hours(take the 200*200*200mm as example)

Different brick samples for this machine
The following brick shape is only for your reference brick shape, we can customize the special brick shape you need
  blocks samples it can produce
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