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 automatic movable block machine
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FL10-15 is a mobile hydraulic brick making machine developed by our company with the following advantages:
1. One machine is versatile: 
this movable block making machine can produce blocks of various shapes and only need to replace different molds. We can design molds of different shapes according to your needs.
2. Advanced technology: 
Based on German advanced technology, the whole design process takes into account the reasonable sequence of internal structure and comprehensive coordination principle. Therefore, the machine has great technical advantages, adopts PLC control system, hydroforming, and it is equipped with Siemens motor, Schneider electronic control components, YUKEN hydraulic system, Mitsubishi control system.
3. Customizable and high quality mould: 
We can customize different molds according to different needs of customers. Using advanced wire cutting and carburizing heat treatment technology to produce high quality molds, greatly improving the quality of the mold and prolonging the service life of the mold.
4.No need for pallets: 
This fully automatic fly ash brick making machine doesn’t need pallets, so it can save more costs.
Technical parameters and theoretical production capacity 
technical parameters
Different brick samples 
It can produce almost all kinds of hollow and solid blocks. It can produce different kinds of blocks just by changing mould. We can also design brick molds according to customer requirements. We have professional engineers to serve you.
block samples
different block samples

Customer visiting  
customer visiting
Foreign installation 
foreign installation
foreign installation  in Kenya
installation  in Kenya