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Main advantage of this automatic brick machine
QTF10-15 is a fully automatic concrete brick machine, it realizes the true full-automatic production line, from the raw materials added to the formation of finished bricks can be fully realized mechatronics.
It has the following obvious advantages:
1. Energy-saving and efficient : A new type of energy-saving and efficient automatic brick-making machine, adopts the bottom-up pressure down structure, greatly improving the brick quality and production efficiency, is a new type of building materials industry product upgrading and technological progress.
2. Multifunction: It can effectively produce different types of hollow and solid blocks, colorful pavement bricks, refractory bricks and other products with different specifications by changing different mould.
3. Advanced Electrical components: Electrical components adopt SIEMENS, France Schneider, Germany SEW and other international first-line brands. Fully automatic closed-loop control, filler depth, pressing speed, intelligent adjustment of pressure, automatically adapt to material uniformity, and achieve accurate and rapid control of the entire production process, real-time measurement of brick height, automatic compensation for the height of the distribution, effectively ensuring the qualified rate of finished bricks.
4. Wide range of raw materials: fly ash, slag, calcium carbide mud, slag, construction waste and other solid waste all can be used as raw materials to produce different bricks.
5. Hydraulic system: adopts the most advanced electronic variable pump, proportional valve and other core components of the German Rexroth. The pressure and flow of the system can be stepless servo-controlled according to the actual working conditions, with outstanding energy saving and high efficiency.
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Technical parameters and production capacity 

technical parameters and capacity
Different shapes brick samples for your reference
The following bricks are only for your reference. We will customize the bricks shapes for you according to your special needs.
solid and hollow concrete block samples this machine can produce

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