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QTF12-15 fully automatic concrete block production line

1. Qtf12-15 is a fully automatic production line of concrete block. It can produce bricks of different shapes by changing the mold. In addition, the mold can be designed according to the needs of customers.
2. This Chinese automatic brick machine is an efficient machine with a molding period of 15 seconds. Only press the start button, the production can start and end, with high production efficiency and labor saving. 110000 bricks can be produced in 8 hours.
3. The company adopts the most advanced cutting technology and heat treatment technology to ensure the quality of products and ensure customers' confidence.
4. The machine adopts hydraulic forming technology, with pressure up to 100MPa, and the block produced is of good quality, high density and high strength.

automatic production line for concrete blocks
♦ Blocks Samples: customizable according to your requirement. 
concrete hollow block samples

concrete hollow blocks

interlocking paver