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QT6-15 automatic concrete block making machine is excellent block machine

The QT6-15 type block brick machine is a new model improved according to the needs of times and combined with the opinions of new and old customers. 
Our concrete block making machine has high quality, strong durability and high efficiency. It is suitable for high-strength bricks, interlocking blocks, and parking lot grass bricks., hollow blocks, etc. 
This automatic brick making machine has high compressive strength, standard size and beautiful appearance. Type QT6-15 block burning-free block machine realizes automatic operation, adopts hydraulic transmission, double-layer cloth (base material and color fabric), vibration pressure, and dual control functions for height and density. 
In addiction, this automatic concrete block making machine has the advantages of large excitation force, simple operation, convenient maintenance, reliable operation and so on. 
Besides, the material truck mold box is equipped with multiple rows of mixing forks, and the hopper is sent to the mixing forks above the mold box to work, and the mold box is fed and managed to solve the problem of porous brick cloth.  
To sum it up in one sentence : QT6-15 type automatic concrete block making machine is a very excellent block machine
QTF6-15 automatic concrete block making machine