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Automatic Brick Making Machine

QT 4-15c fully automatic block/brick making machine production line

automatic brick making machine

■ Introduction of this full automatic brick machine

QT4-15 multi functional full automatic block machine, capable of making different specifications and forms of road paver, hollow brick, solid brick, curbstone. To achieve fully automatic production, this machine adopts computer PLC central control system, this could save lots of labor cost. Using four - bar - oriented method and ultra - long - oriented bearing, precise movement of the mould and press head could be guaranteed, which extends the service life of this block machine price. The body of QT4-15 are made of super steel, using special welding technology, but this machine price is not so high among the automatic block making machine market, which makes this machine a good investment. The products are of high strength, good compactness, the appearance size is accurate, and there is no shape rules or off angle. You can trust our machine price, we offer one year guarantee, and you can always call us for technique support.


1. Advanced drive by wire technology and hydraulic conveyance system can assure you an easy operation and well performance.

2. QT4~15 China Famous brick machine will make more blocks than others you may get from other sources,which suit to you who need more solid blocks.

3. The speed of making blocks will be more higher.it has an easy operation with little error.

4. As for the quality of it, i must say that we use the steels of high quality,which was produced by JI steel making company known to all throughout China.,the quality of our machine is guaranteed.

5.The mold use the technology of carburization heat treatment ,which can give you a guarantee that there are will no transformation with 4 million blocks about 6-8 months.

6. It can produce different kinds of blocks with change of mold.

7. The materials can easily get and the source of material are wide enough to get.

8. Our product is value for money, high technology, high  quality, high efficiency will give you a high return rate, so this kind of machine will be your best choice.

 this automatic brick machine details
this block models details
these are block samples this machine can produce

■ Main technical parameters

Theoretical Data

 Dimension of host machine 


 Main vibrator style

 lower mould vibration

 Number of hydraulic vibrator


 Control style


 Forming style


 Number of motor vibrator


 Hydraulic cylinders


 Hopper capacity of concrete

 0.3 M3

 Feeding style

 360degree revolve

Moulding area

 1010x600 mm

 Forming height


 Moulding period

 15-20 S

 Vibration force

 40-50 kn

 Forming blocks per mould400x200x200mm


 The size of the pallet

 1010x550 mm

 Weight of the host machine


 Mixer style


                                               Water and Voltage

 General water Consumption

 5-6 T


 220v/380 V/420v/440v



                                              Simple line Used Area

A.     Production area excluding concrete mixing zone



 B.  Concrete mixing zone area



B.     Finished product Warehouse



 E.  Raw material storage



 F.  office



 G.  Total area



                                          Practical workers arrangement



 Wheel loader


 Forlift/pallet added






                                              Production capacity



 Pcs/ Hr

  Pcs/8 Hr














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Till now,about 1200 customers have visited our factory.Also we have engineers staying abroad to help you install machines and training your workers at your side.
customers visiting our factory about block machine

■ Engineers are available for installation abroad 

China automatic brick machine installation abroad

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