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Soil Interlocking Block Machine- FL1-20

Product name : Soil Interlocking Block Machine
Product No. : FL1-20
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1. Function
    FL1-20 can produce various clay blocks by changing molds
2. Production efficiency
    FL1-20  is a semi automatic compressed earth brick machine. It can produce 2600 pieces of brick per shift (8 hours).
3. Moulding echnology
    Hydraulic pressure molding technology is adopted by FL1-20 to assure the brick machine has more stable and higher-efficiency working status and the bricks produced are of larger density and higher strength.
4. Mould
    Our moulds are made of 16# manganese steel and apply precise line cutting&900 ℃ carburizing heat treatment technology to prolong mold life and increase brick precision.
5. Else
    This machine has the advantages in simple structure, reasonable design, light weight, and easy operation.

Technical Parameter
Demension 1080x1080x1400mm
Forming style Hydraulic pressure 16MPa
Shaping cycle 10-12s
Workers 1~2
Total machine power 12.13kw
Total weight
Voltage No need Applied Products
Interlocking bricks
Vibration force 30KN
Raw material
Soil, clay, sand, cement etc.

Theoretical Production Capacity


Pcs/8 hour
230*220*115mm 1 2600
230*180*115mm 1 2600
230*220*115mm 1 2600
230*140*115mm 1 2600
230*220*115mm 1 2600
230*220*115mm 1 2600