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fully automatic concrete block making machine india

Main advantage of this machine 
1. Multifunction: QTF6-15 automatic block forming machine can produce various blocks just by changing moulds, and the mould can be designed by us according to your requirement.
2. Advance mould technology: In the production process of block mould, precision line cutting and carburizing treatment are adopted to prolong its service life.
3. Advanced hydraulic technology: Hydraulic technology is adopted to ensure the blocks produced in good quality, high density and high strength.
4. High level configuration: QTF6-15 is equipped with OMRON switch and SIEMENS motor. The original MITSUBISHI PLC control program is selected to ensure that the block machine works smoothly and efficiently. 
Technical Parameter and Production Capacity
technical parameters of this block machine
▶ Different shapes brick samples for your reference

The below brick shape is just for your reference, and we can design other brick mould according to your special requirement.

block samples for your reference

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