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 Brief Introduction
FL150T Hydraulic pressure paver brick block making machine
FL150T is our hot selling products specialized in making various color paver blocks,this machine to  combination of hydraulic pressure and vibration, produce the paver bricks with many different size and shape, the outstanding features as following, the paver blocks with high density, high water permeability and slip resist;  many different size and colors can make, also can produce the kerbstones. 
FL150T Hydraulic pressure paver block machine price with strong steel structure, the pressure way is down type, the machine max. pressure is 150tons, 4 directions can make 4 differnt sizes paver.

Good price, low investment, the workshop only need 60m2, FL150T Hydraulic pressure paver block making machine is your best choicehe hydraulic force of this paver block machine is 150T. It could make different kinds of pavers,square bricks,
curbstone,lawn bricks,Dutch bricks,courtyard,residential construction and gardens construction.
Formed surface is gantry steel structure special hydraulic formed surface.pressing way is working
 way down.

FL-150T paver block machine feature:
1.FL-150T paving machine use widely.
2.High strength,anti-friction, anti-permeability performance is good, and convenient construction.
3.Bright color, rich variety.
4. Low cost,great potential benefit.
5. Low investment,good profit,repays quickly,it is the first choice of mid-small investors project.
Main technical parameter
1 Dimension of host machine 1900x1300x1860   4 total machine power 18.5kw
2 Voltage 380/415/440 5 Hydraulic force 150Ton
3 workshop area 60m2 6 Mixer model JQ350


Theoretical production capacity
No Size(LxWxH) Pcs/Shift
1 300x300x50mm 1500-2000
2 225x112.5x60mm 3000-4000